The American Business Lunch, an enjoyable social networking event, was initiated 50 years ago for the American business men living in Milan. Today the event is more international in scope; English speaking business men and women from all countries are welcomed at our monthly networking luncheon. Each month features a notable expert who gives a 10 minute talk on a  topic of current interest to the business community, ranging from economics, culture, business trends, venture capital, leadership, charity, Milan EXPO and more, followed by Q&A and a lively discussion among the attendees. We are happy to announce that several people have secured new business through our luncheons! Come to our new networking during the aperitif time to interact with new people.

If you are new to our lunches, please let us know and we will introduce you to people the day of the lunch!

The name of the lunch has been changed in Barbara’s honour as the leader of the American Business Lunch

Barbara Cocchini’s American Business Lunch

is pleased to invite you to lunch:

Wednesday, 15th May 2019  


Grand Rosa Starhotels – Piazza Fontana, 3 – Duomo Red/Yellow Red Line

Price: €35 (paid to the hotel reception)


Special Guest Speaker:

 Ketty Magni

Creative writing and authored historical novels.

The topic of his speech will be:

“Gioachino Rossini, a giant of music, known and appreciated all over the world”

“Some international culinary specialties have his name: Tournedos Rossini, a steak dish, or Cocktail Rossini with prosecco and strawberries.

Gioachino Rossini is one of the greatest authors of Italian Bel Canto and one of the fathers of melodrama. But he is also remembered as a passionate gourmet and world famous recipes are named after him. In this existence spent between the pentagram and the creation of new dishes, there was also room for his other great passion, women. Susceptible to feminine charm, he married the opera singer, Isabella Colbran, before, at the Paris premier of his opera William Tell, he met the love of his life, Mademoiselle Olympe who would accompany him to the end of his life. Their lovely home in Paris hosted the best minds of the era like Dumas and Balzac, Liszt and Wagner, and the most famous chef of the 1800’s, Marie-Antonin Carême, who taught many tricks to the culinary artist Rossini. The Maestro always had a ready word for his illustrious guests and composed culinary harmonies with ingredients coming from all over Europe. He had macaroni sent from Naples, hams from Seville, Gorgonzola cheese from the town of the same name and panettone, the Italian Christmas cake from Milan. More than the musician, what emerges is the man, and his passionate attention to the joys of the palate. Ketty Magni was born in Desio, north of Milan, the 29th of June in a even year. She teaches creative writing and authored historical novels. Her first novel in 2006 was Riflessi, then in 2007, Il pontile sul Lario. In 2009, her next book was Teodolinda il senso della meraviglia and in 2011, Adelaide imperatrice del lago. Cairo published her Il Principe dei cuochi in 2011, Il cuoco del Papa in 2013 and in 2015, the year of the Milan Expo, Arcimboldo, gustose passioni, all of these are historical novel with a culinary background. Magni loves walking along the lakeside where she finds inspiration for her novels. In 2017, Cairo published her Rossini, la musica del cibo, a tribute to a great musician, but also to a lover of good food. Her most recent book is a creative writing manual, accompanied by nice cartoons. Her website is

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In memory of: Barbara Cocchini – Owner Cocchini Relocation S.r.L.

Marina Fabozzi – Administrator Cocchini Relocation S.r.L.  



Agatha Pinto

Alberta Dufour

Annalisa Banzi

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Annette Arcucci



Lucio Pinto – President CIFE

Samara Powell – United Crest

Ruggero Rubino – Partner

LawFed Studio Legale e Tributario BRSA

Paolo Angelo Galbiati – Partner INTERNAZIONALIZZA SRL Milano-Bologna



Charles Zaiontz, IT consultant, author and teacher

David Wayne Callahan - Actor and Life Coach

Jim Faraci - DP Business Consulting S.r.L.

Vickie Sims – Chaplain, All Saints’ Milan


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