Medical and Mental Health Services

Mental Health Clinic

The Venosta International Studio of Mental Health was established in 1996 by Dr Caterina Zaiontz PhD and Dr Anna Arduini MD, with the aims of:

  • providing integrated services in the psychological, psychiatric and psychoeducational sectors with a full range of specialist treatment and professional services in one private Practice
  • offering a unique formula which takes into account the Client’s cultural identity, offering a participative Client-centered approach, consistent case management and follow up

The multicultural Professionals in the Practice have long standing expertise in the private and public sectors, including clinical and University/research experience in Italy. USA and UK.

The Practice through extensive research and clinical Practice has specialized in consultation and therapeutic treatment to the ex-pat population, with special focus in the areas of Multicultural Issues, Intercultural Relationships, Adjustment processes and Adjustment-related Disorders.
The main areas of services offered are:

  • Consultation and Diagnostic Assessment
  • Individual and Couple Psychotherapy
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Counseling
  • Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psycho-educational Assessment
  • Cross-Cultural Issues and Adjustment Disorder
  • Psychiatry